Earth Escape is a thrilling sci-fi and geopolitical book set in a possible future of Trumpian dystopia



Earth Escape, a sci-fi, geopolitical and philosophical thriller takes the reader from our contemporary times and depicts a near and not too distant future, one where a Trumpian dystopia pushes the world to the edge of ultimate disaster. In a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable implosion on Earth, where natural resources are rapidly depleting, where environmental destruction is reaching critical-mass, and where the division of global power into three largely opposing geopolitical camps is nearing nuclear war, a small handful of prudent scientists and engineers, backed by NASA, devise the technology necessary to build and launch the largest intergalactic spaceship, the Evolution, and sends it on a mission to the nearest exo-planet, EARTH II, in the hopes that it can become a new home to man, and moreover, change the paradigm on Earth from that of war and self-suicide, to colonizing a whole new world.


Jim Tale, the Captain of the Evolution, wakes up 27 years into his voyage, on the cusp of arriving at Earth II and finds himself facing things he would never have imagined. His closest ally and companion, CASS, the most advanced Ai sentience ever developed, helps Jim navigate the stars as they encounter aliens, raptors and new worlds. Jim Tale is a man who is haunted by his past and who is also driven by an obsession to find the answers to existence. He is a misfit and and a rebel, but his very recalcitrance becomes his greatest strength as they trek to the edge of the Universe while the clock ticks away on Earth and as inevitable and ultimate war breaks out, one which could be the darkest and final hours for all humanity.


EARTH ESCAPE – “A thrilling read that takes you on an unusual and captivating adventure”


Earth Escape is a philosophical sci-fi thriller which takes the reader on an epic journey spanning sixty years. It begins in our very present day when a sister planet to Earth is discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope, and this becomes the target for colonization in the very near future. In the years intervening, as technology catches up with our dream to reach this world, geopolitical divisions and tensions on Earth are reaching the boiling point, as well as explosive population growth and the destruction of the environment and resources of our planet which challenge the sustainability of our survival. Technology eventually comes through and the mission is launched.


Jim Tale, the Captain of the star ship Evolution, wakes up after twenty seven years of hyper-sleep, on the verge of arriving at Earth II, mankind’s greatest hope for future survival, when suddenly, his already extraordinary mission is pitched into a legendary space odyssey and trek across the galaxies to the very edge of the Universe. Alien encounters and near-death experiences become second-hand to Tale and his Ai sentient computer, CASS, as they journey into the furthest realms of the Universe, following Jim’s growing obsession to know the answers to existence, the truth about who we are, why we exist, how the Universe was made and ultimately, who or what is God. For every cosmic door they open, they discover more doors, leading to the most shocking truth of all.

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TWILIGHT VISITOR the scifi thriller – Author interview


Real #3 2015

Interview with author Réal Laplaine about his book TWILIGHT VISITOR, a sci fi thriller that is gaining popularity.

Twilight Visitor Front

What prompted you to write TWILIGHT VISITOR?
Twilight Visitor was prompted by several dynamics. I wanted to tell a story about a dysfunctional man, in the maelstrom of his mid-life crisis, who is suddenly faced with a decision which could save the world from a nuclear war. I wanted to include an alien intervention factor showing that off-worlders are not out to destroy us and I wanted to make the novel compellingly contemporary, so real in fact that the reader feels that this very scenario could happen. And lastly, I wanted to deliver a message that it is time for humanity to stop fighting and start focusing on the real issue of fixing its floating platform before it is too late.

The book description says that the main protagonist is Portuguese – why did you pick a man from Portugal for this role?
I felt it was time to turn the spotlight away from the usual hero figures, normally depicted as either American or British or such. It was time for a small country, and an underdog of a man, to be forced into the spotlight and to discover that he too could do something to save our world from itself and that it wasn’t just the elected officials and people in power who could or would do so.

The story suggests that it is a political thriller with two nations going to war over oil and the nuclear threat coming into play – why is the book tagged SciFi if this is the case?
Actually, 99% of the book is completely based on contemporary issues facing the world today, and the scenario depicted is very real. But there is a beautiful woman who shows up in the story and she is there to help prevent the imminent nuclear confrontation for reasons the reader will discover. She plays a key role. Because she is an off-worlder, and for that reason only, the scifi card comes into play.

Could Twilight Visitor be rendered as a film someday?
Absolutely. The narrative and the plotline were specifically written so that it could easily be adapted into a screen play. In fact, that was how I viewed the story as I wrote it – visually seeing it playing out in my head as it might look on the big screen. This story is very adaptable to film because of the action, the rhythm, the interplay between nations and of course the spice – the alien intervention. It should appeal to people who love thrillers, geopolitical intrigue, dystopian lovers and scifi fans.

Who or what inspired you to become an author?
Richard Bach, author of the famous book Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. He later wrote a book called The Bridge Across Forever, a story about his life and when I put that book down, I picked up a pen and wrote my first story. Other writers have also played a significant role, Heinlein, Clarke, Tolkien, L’Amour, Asimov … but Richard Bach was the one who started the fire.

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Real #3 2015

Réal Laplaine – author of scifi thrillers, and some …

What would you do if an out-of-body experience revealed a terrible secret?


Most, or all of us, have wondered the same questions, such as what happens to us after death, are we incorporeal or just a body – destined to live only once? Religion aside, because this is not a religious expose, assume for a moment that the hundreds of thousands of accounts on record across the world, where people have experienced out-of-body experiences, are even vaguely true. Science has not offered its stamp of approval on the subject because apparently no one has found a way to measure a spirit or a non-corporeal essence ( that is, us) – and so it is difficult to measure something which transcends the physical world and yet, which seems to animate it and give it life. Now we bring in religion – in that so many billions of people in our world believe, by whatever means, that they are spiritual and are destined for another life in the afterworld, or destined to return to this one.

Ok, with that preamble, let me introduce a new series, The Out-Step Trilogy. A story about a very normal man who discovers that he can perform out-of-body at will, and who can move around to anywhere and with perceptic clarity.

The Deception People

Now, transport that man into this scenario, when, one day, quite by accident, he happens upon a secret meeting of high-ranking (although not highly moraled) US government officials and private sector military contractors, who are planning to launch a major attack against America, all of it with the intention of fueling the war against terrorism.  Sound familiar? Yeah, well, whether you are a conspiracist or not, the fact remains that the first book in this new series, THE DECEPTION PEOPLE, will take you on a thrill ride as Troy Evans is suddenly cast into a world of intrigue and deception, and where he must fight to save his own life while trying to expose the plot which would not only result in the death of countless thousands, making 9/11 look like a sunday stroll in the park, but spark a new wave of global war to combat “terrorism”.

“HUGE thumbs up! (Five Stars)
The Deception People is a well written novel that is nerve-wrackingly real, and suspenseful. Let yourself be enlightened with possibilities..make that probabilities. If nothing else give yourself the opportunity to enjoy yet another awesome novel from this author.”  Linda M.E. (USA)