Earth Escape will challenge you to question everything you know about the Big Bang and Divine creation.


The newest high-concept dystopian thriller, by author Réal Laplaine, is a contemporary fiction, bordering on both geopolitical and sci-fi, an epic story in its scope. Earth Escape captures the political, military and ecological issues facing us all, and vaults the reader just over a decade into the future when the first manned mission to an exo-planet, Earth II, is being prepared, and finally, launches. The story is told from the viewpoint of the captain of the star ship, Evolution. Jim Tale is not the typical role-model for an astronaut. He is a misfit, deeply troubled by hauntings of his dead wife, and obsessed with finding out the truth about existence. His background as a NASA engineer, and moreover, his ability to innovate and be self-initiating makes him the optimum choice for a mission that will take 27 years and which has an 87% chance of failure. His only companion, besides the crew who remain in hyper-sleep, is CASS, the most advanced Ai computer in existence. Together, they encounter impossible odds, and with the help of CASS, Jim Tale not only faces alien encounters, raptors and near-death experiences, but the chance to find out the truth about the Universe, how it was created, who created it and WHY. All the while the clock is ticking as Earth verges on the final and ultimate holocaust, global nuclear war.  Earth Escape will challenge you to question everything you know about the Big Bang and Divine creation.


The Buffalo Kid – a story about an off-world encounter and second chances …


The man was out of luck and out money too. His pockets were empty. He lived in a cardboard box under a bridge. His friends and family had forgotten he even existed. He had been living on the streets of his city so long that no one recognized him any more, in fact, after thirty years of destitution, the police simply referred to the 71 year old as the Buffalo Kid – the ghost of the city and the streets he wandered.

One night, when the cold bitter wind cuts the air like the blade of a knife and the Buffalo Kid’s stomach aches for lack of food, he stops a man on the street and asks him for money. The man hands him a $50 bill and walks away.

In spite of his hunger pangs, The Kid turns around and follows the stranger – intent on finding out what kind of person would give a homeless man that much money. What he discovers, changes his life – and the episodes which follow as the Buffalo Kid and this off-world visitor collaborate in a mission to determine the fate of mankind, will not only thrill you but warm your heart too.

Buffalo Kid front cover


“What a story! I couldn’t put it down. It was everything I love in a story. Compelling characters that you could identify with. Significant social commentary. And a message of ultimate hope and faith in humanity. It had all the hall marks of great science fiction. Yet I wouldn’t call it science fiction. Sure there was an alien, a spaceship and a ray-gun — but they really were just a great story telling device. They could have easily been an angel, a burning bush and a bolt of lightening or even just a wealth philanthropist, a cadillac and baseball bat. The story was about real people in extraordinary circumstances.” T.R.

DEAD BUT NOT GONE – “Marilyn Monroe wants the world to know the REAL story, the REAL her…”

Marilyn 4

Reader review by Yankeelin of DEAD BUT NOT GONE

“READER RADAR ALERT! Real Laplaine is THE most unique author I’ve ever read and thoroughly enjoyed…..a true wizard of words! In his subtle way he opens your mind and gives the reader an alternative way to see things.”


“In Dead But Not Gone there is a bit of science involved, but not enough to intrude on the storyline, but instead ,enough to help make the storyline a possiblility …
There is a solar flare that causes an energy surge. Some kind of parallel time shift happens and odd things are happening all over… a long dead pet re-appears, items from 25 years ago show up..and best of all? A world famous actress is again walking the streets, as confused and lost as the folks who reach out to help her. As her memories awaken and awareness dawns on her,Marilyn Monroe wants the world to know the REAL story, the REAL her. Angered and saddened by the rumors that became facts after her tragically short life, she sets out to write a book to set HER story straight! At the same time scientists are tripping over themselves to explain what happened in space…
SO. Does she get to live a ‘normal’ life with real love and friends or does the black hole of time take her back? Read the book and let yourself be fascinated.” – Yankeelin

Available at bookshops all over the world! And AMAZON – of course!

Keeno Crime Thrillers – a unique crime thriller novel series

Keeno photo

What does Keeno McCole have in common with crime fighters such as James Bond, Dirk Pitt (Clive Cussler), Jack Reacher (Lee Child), Alex Cross (James Patterson) or the classics such as Dirty Harry, The Punisher, etc?

The answer – NOTHING!

Keeno McCole is different. He takes on only the big players in the criminal arena – tackling high-concept crime scenarios which are outside the box. Keeno is an indigenous Canadian Indian, from the First Nation of Canada, mixed with a touch of Irish and French lineage. He heads up the ATU (Anti-Terrorism-Unit) of the RCMP (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) – along with his small team. He refuses to wear a uniform, just cowboy boots, jeans and denim shirts. He’s lethal with most any weapon but his choice of combat is his four inch throwing knife which, by the age of seven, he could throw with deadly accuracy. McCole isn’t a womanizer, and he isn’t dysfunctional in his intimate life – he loves only one woman and she is his anchor in a world of violence and crime which he faces every day. Keeno bleeds, he takes his share of bullets and he constantly walks a fine line between life and death. His passion to fight the criminal element was ignited when he was just four years of age and a man attacked his mother, strangling the life out of her. Keeno picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed the man – and on that day he put his feet on the road and became the criminal’s worst nightmare.

Follow this new Canadian crime fighter, unlike any you have known, in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels.