Earth Escape “…this is dystopian sci-fi at its best. Highly recommended.”


By 2023, the super powers in our world, headed by narcissistic leaders, have coalesced most of the global power into three geopolitical zones, and this division of power and mutual opposition, along with the continuing devastation of Earth’s ecological balance, is heading the planet for an inevitable fate. A group of visionaries, scientists and engineers, seeing the obvious disaster looming ahead, launches the most challenging mission ever undertaken by humanity – to reach and colonize a new world in the hopes of giving mankind a unified vision, a new dream to hold onto and not self-destruction.


As Earth edges toward the ultimate nuclear showdown, Jim Tale and his Ai companion, CASS, streak toward Earth II, light years away. Tale, a rebellious-minded man and misfit, encounters and goes up against unbelievable, seemingly impossible odds, as he fights to make the dream a reality for all humanity.


He is not only driven by his mission, but by haunting and nightly visitations of the one woman he loved and lost, and an obsession to find the answers that explain existence and the Universe. EARTH ESCAPE is both a dystopian eye-opener about the path of our world if not altered, and a philosophical sci-fi thriller that will stretch your mind.



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Earth Escape book review … “Gripping, surprising, and a very thoughtful story. A very memorable read.”


Book Review of EARTH ESCAPE by author Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

“Gripping, surprising, and a very thoughtful story. A very memorable read.
It is obvious that the author had put all of him into this story. Although the story is fictional, it is extremely close to the current state of events and especially the nature of the conflicts around the world. We see every day how easy it is to be drawn into a narrow-minded thinking. We all want to define everything concretely and once and for all. The ever-surprising life events shake all those beliefs and definitions profoundly and this is very scary. Slipping under the duvet of judging others or other-minded people can be so comfortable. We’ve all been there and probably be drawn into such traps again and again. The clue is to remain open-minded and compassionate, both to ourselves and to others.
And exactly this was the main message I read again and again both between the lines and directly inside “Earth Escape”.
But even the best message would be nothing without strong writing and I definitely can confirm this for this book. The thorough research about the theories of where we all come originally from are cleverly woven together and with author’s imagination, and this makes the story sound very believable. What I also liked very much was the clearly visible intention behind and careful forming of every scene and every element in the book.
I highly recommend reading this book. You might find yourself chuckling at Jim Tale’s language and spicy dialogues and scenes, but you might also discover yourself looking at the world differently during and after reading this story. You might discover that you want to make a positive change in the world.”


EARTH ESCAPE book trailer – An epic spacy odyssey to the Edge of the Universe

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EARTH ESCAPE is a relative sci-fi novel, an epic space odyssey with a metaphysical twist. The story is told from the perspective of Jim Tale, the Captain of the starship EVOLUTION, who wakes up after twenty seven years in sub-sleep-stasis and some 1400 light years from Earth – just weeks from arriving at their target, an exoplanet which they hope to colonize. Jim’s only companion, until he awakens the rest of his crew, is CASS, the most advanced artificial intelligence ever devised. CASS is not only the mind of the ship, but she becomes Jim’s most trusted adviser and friend throughout this epic voyage. A calm journey turns into a thrill ride, as they suddenly make First Contact with an alien race, fight off carnivorous raptors in the new world, and so much more. Each door they open leads Jim to ask the same questions – Who are we? Why are we here? How was the Universe created? His relentless search for answers takes him through gateways and galaxies, and only when he meets Prima, a woman of extraordinary beauty and insight, does the real adventure truly begin. Earth Escape breaks down the paradigms of mediocrity and challenges the Big Bang Theory and other theories of existence, and takes the reader not only on a journey through space, but a metaphysical and philosophical one which questions existence as we know it.

EARTH ESCAPE, a sci-fi space odyssey, an eye-opening book for the misfits inside all of us…


Having just published EARTH ESCAPE, a relative sci-fi space odyssey, about a crew sent on a 27 year voyage to colonize the first exoplanet – one of the nearest to Earth, and the epic journey that the captain of this starship undergoes in achieving his mission and his unrelenting search for the answers to our existence, I began to ask myself, who will read this book?


I suppose, like myself, that most authors are eventually forced to cross this threshold – the giant question – WHO are my readers?  I know that many authors determine the answer to this question before they even write their book, but in my case, the developmental road that EARTH ESCAPE took, and the eye-opening revelations which it proposes about existentiality, my own personal journey of over 30 years of research,  I couldn’t honestly answer that question. I’m not even sure that I can right now, and maybe time will be the only witness to finally reveal the answer.  But, that said, and taking license to express my unfettered opinion, and it is just my opinion so please take no offense, I think that EARTH ESCAPE will be read by, and truly appreciated by, the MISFITS and maybe even most people simply because there is a misfit inside most of us.

The Cambridge on-line dictionary defines a misfit as someone who is not suited to a  situation or who is not accepted by other people because their behaviour is strange or unusual.

Rob Siltanen is credited with this quote about misfits… “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Since I was a young boy, when Star Trek hit the tv screen, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and when Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 hit the big screens, I have been certain that we are living inside a very small box, in an intensely infinitesimal speck of the Universe, and that our existence cannot be entirely explained by such theories as the Big Bang or Divine creation. And of course, speaking up openly about these views, suggesting that maybe we didn’t crawl out of the primordial seas and evolve from Johnny the Chimp, or that one God did not create the entire Universe in six days with the wave of his or her hand (just to be gender correct), can be seen as blasphemous or disrespectful of other accepted conventionality, I think that with due respect for the rest of us misfits, who cannot squeeze our brains, let alone out minds or souls, into any of these paradigms, that we deserve a piece of the platform too.

Sci-fi, or SF or science fiction, is still the new kid on the block – largely popularized by the greats, Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke – and now, in the past thirty years or so – sci-fi is starting to show tremendous merit.

In spite of the naysayers, those who claim that NASA never landed a man on the moon, which is pretty much on the order of was Osama Bin Laden really killed – a moot point, the truth is that in a matter of years, the first human beings will be landing on Mars whether the space agencies accomplish that feat, or Elon Musk. Within two years or so, civilians will be taking shuttles into space, and within a decade or less, the International Space Station will not only be a research port, but a landing port for countless Earth shuttles, taking people up into orbit, and then landing them on the other side of the world within a matter of a few hours instead of twelve or fifteen or taking them to the new colony on Mars.


EARTH ESCAPE was written by a misfit, a mind which cannot help itself but to see a different perspective, a new reality, a questioning mind which refuses to accept the proferred paradigms of existence. I am quite sure that there are many like myself who don’t agree that Johnny the Chimp is their ancestor, and who challenge the divine theory of creation because, with all due respect for anyone’s beliefs, where’s the proof. And in as much as the Big Bang sounds plausible, there are many holes the size of the Grand Canyon in that model too.

EARTH ESCAPE not only takes the reader on a thrilling space odyssey, but in fact, because the Captain of the spaceship Evolution is himself a misfit, someone who has never been able to find the answers to his own existence and who has never felt comfortable in his own skin, the book takes us deep into the realm of the Universe never explored, where Jim Tale and his Ai computer, CASS, discover answers to existence. And all the while, during his trip and their many adventures, circumstances on Earth are on the rapid decline, with enviromental declination, mushrooming population, food shortage, and impending nuclear war. The box.


One could say that this book is somewhat dystopian in nature, but I rather consider that EARTH ESCAPE is more of a metaphysical and philosophical trip, a story that will resonate with others, people who, like me, have always felt a sliver in their souls, a small dissonance in the depth of their being, who have never quite reconciled the questions about themselves and life.

I believe that no matter one’s background, no matter one’s religious affiliation, whether you are in the Republican or Democratic camp, everyone to one degree or another is still questioning existence. And like Jim Tale, in this story, those questions do not stop no matter how much nonsense or theories are poured on top of them.

EARTH ESCAPE is the book which I wish someone had handed to me when I started asking questions about existence. And while it is a fiction novel, relative sci-fi to be exact, the book will open new doors and new ideas to any mind and soul willing to step through them.


I do hope you find EARTH ESCAPE not only entertaining, but a compelling reason to keep looking for the truth about existentiality, and that you see it as a reason to embrace the misfit inside you, because in the end, all the money and all the cars and all the STUFF, won’t be worth a nickel when we are fading into oblivion – but truth, that cannot be expunged from our souls and it goes with us wherever we go.


Real Laplaine - 2015

Réal Laplaine authors high-concept thrillers in geopolitical, crime and sci-fi genres. Earth Escape is his ninth published book.  Author website






by Réal Laplaine


An epic and thrilling space odyssey! A voyage to the stars, takes Jim Tale, the captain of the starship Evolution, on a metaphysical trek to the edge of the universe in search of a new home for humanity and the answers to our existence.

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