QUANTUM ASSAULT – Sex traffickers in Canada get in the cross-hairs of Keeno McCole and his team


Quantum Assault - A Keeno Crime Thriller

In QUANTUM ASSAULT, the 2nd in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels, Keeno McCole and his team of Canadian crime fighters take on a sex trafficking ring which is injecting young girls with an experimental nano-virus, one designed to change their anatomy, and then selling them off to clients throughout Canada and the United States. When one fourteen year-old girl escapes their net, Keeno and his team declare war against the traffickers, and when the nano-virus breaks-out and threatens a global pandemic, the stakes become fatal as the chase takes them around the world. A crime thriller to the end.


INTRUSION – “This is a top of the line terrorist adventure story…”


INTRUSION – the first book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Series nets another top review as Keeno McCole, who heads up the ATU, Canada’s Anti-Terrorism-Unit, takes on a perverse plot to legalize the RFID implants in the population. Read it HERE.

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QUANTUM ASSAULT – book giveaway

Quantum Assault - A Keeno Crime Thriller

QUANTUM ASSAULT, the second novel in the Keeno Crime Thrillers, a high-concept roller coaster ride, has just been published. A limited number of Kindle eBooks are being given away as part of our launch. To get your copy, just go to my website page, fill in the contact form and in the message box enter:  I WANT THE FREE KINDLE VERSION OF QUANTUM ASSAULT. Be sure to include your email address so we can email the Kindle book to you.

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BOOK RELEASE: Quantum Assault – the second novel in the Keeno Crime Thriller series

Quantum Assault - A Keeno Crime Thriller

QUANTUM ASSAULT – the second book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels is now released. Published by Netherworld Books in England, Quantum Assault is a high-concept crime thriller, about a syndicated human trafficking ring which injects young girls with a new nano-tech virus which goes terribly wrong. The virus begins to spread, killing indiscriminately and threatening to become a worldwide pandemic. Keeno McCole, who heads up the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ATU (Anti-Terrorism-Unit) and his team, are on the clock to prevent a global disaster. 

INTRUSION, the book “Ian Fleming would be proud to see his legacy flourishing in such safe hands”

“Ian Fleming would be proud to see his legacy flourishing in such safe hands”



Book Blogger, in their review of INTRUSION – the first book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels, had this to say about  the book and its central crime-fighter, Keeno McCole:

“Keeno is a true James Bond type character but with a higher degree of realism, Réal Laplaine has clearly done his homework on the workings of Police Anti-Terrorist Units. Like all good heroes, Keeno is a deeply flawed man but with a strong sense of right and wrong and a dogged determination to always get his man. The ensuing chase starts out in Canada but rapidly becomes an international race against time to prevent the deaths of tens of thousands. Réal Laplaine has a talent for engaging characters and plots which wrap the reader up from the opening lines. His skill in creating an action hero for today’s world is quite remarkable and Ian Fleming would be proud to see his legacy flourishing in such safe hands.”    More

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Réal Laplaine is Canadian author currently living in Sweden. He specialises in High Concept thrillers, with occasional touches of Science Fiction or Paranormal. Currently with eight books published and another on the way, Réal is certainly prolific and keeps his growing fan base well fed. His Keeno Action series of novels featuring the Canadian Anti-Terrorist Unit are already garnering praise from the literary press and with swathes of glowing reviews on Amazon testifying their popularity the series looks set to be a long runner.

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Real #3 2015

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