Earth Escape book review … “Gripping, surprising, and a very thoughtful story. A very memorable read.”


Book Review of EARTH ESCAPE by author Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

“Gripping, surprising, and a very thoughtful story. A very memorable read.
It is obvious that the author had put all of him into this story. Although the story is fictional, it is extremely close to the current state of events and especially the nature of the conflicts around the world. We see every day how easy it is to be drawn into a narrow-minded thinking. We all want to define everything concretely and once and for all. The ever-surprising life events shake all those beliefs and definitions profoundly and this is very scary. Slipping under the duvet of judging others or other-minded people can be so comfortable. We’ve all been there and probably be drawn into such traps again and again. The clue is to remain open-minded and compassionate, both to ourselves and to others.
And exactly this was the main message I read again and again both between the lines and directly inside “Earth Escape”.
But even the best message would be nothing without strong writing and I definitely can confirm this for this book. The thorough research about the theories of where we all come originally from are cleverly woven together and with author’s imagination, and this makes the story sound very believable. What I also liked very much was the clearly visible intention behind and careful forming of every scene and every element in the book.
I highly recommend reading this book. You might find yourself chuckling at Jim Tale’s language and spicy dialogues and scenes, but you might also discover yourself looking at the world differently during and after reading this story. You might discover that you want to make a positive change in the world.”


EARTH ESCAPE “I absolutely loved this book…”


“I absolutely loved this book, a sort of mix between red dwarf and star trek.  I found the chats between Jim and Prima quite technical but in no way did that detract from my enjoyment of the book.  I can’t wait for the sequel”. Ali S. (UK)

EARTH ESCAPE is a philosophical sci-fi thriller – taking the reader not only on a thrill ride and space odyssey, but an exploratory trek to the far ends of the Universe in search of the truth about WHO we we are, WHY we are here and HOW the Universe came about. EARTH ESCAPE challenges all the paradigms – the Big Bang, Divine theory and Evolution. Follow Captain Jim Tale and his Ai companion, CASS, as they endure near-death escapes, encounters with new races of beings, man-eating raptors, and finally, Prima!

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EARTH ESCAPE book review by Red City Review



FOUR STAR REVIEW by Red City Review
“A fast-paced science-fiction novel that intertwines elements of suspense, romance, while tackling some of life’s biggest questions, Earth Escape: Odyssey to the Edge of the Universe by Real Laplaine is an engaging, thought-provoking read. We follow our protagonist, Jim Tale, as he embarks on a three-decade long journey into outer space, as the captain of the interstellar ship, the Evolution. Earth’s resources are dwindling, and chaos abounds across the planet, thus the need to search for a new world to colonize. Jim is tasked with finding a sister-planet to Earth some 1,400 light years away, where humanity can start anew. Constantly haunted by his wife’s death, Jim has to deal with nightmares while asleep, and awake, when he receives news that Earth is on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. His companion, the extremely advanced android, CASS, continuously challenges his beliefs, all while guiding the ship toward its hopeful salvation. While pondering how life came to be, Jim is confronted with an abundance of threats and surprises, including dangerous missions, thrilling space-walks, and encounters with extraterrestrial life.

earth-escape-coverThis high-stakes story takes place in the not-too-distant future, where Earth is a mess, and astronauts and space explorers are given the seemingly impossible task of finding a new planet that mankind can call home. The writing is quick, imaginative, and inventive. Jim Tale is a strong lead character, who is multifaceted and relatable, as he seems like a somewhat ordinary guy who just so happened to land in the position of commanding a spaceship on one of the most important missions ever undertaken. There is a great deal of dialogue in the novel, so a lot of the information and experiences are told through the voices of the main characters, which at times can be enjoyable, but also can somewhat overwhelm during certain scenes. The author is great at world-building, we just wish there was more time spent describing the complex and intriguing settings that keep these voices ingrained in reality, albeit a very sleek, futuristic one, where danger seemingly lurks at every turn.”


EARTH ESCAPE book review “This is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction…”


This is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, inspired by the Masters of the genre – Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein. Real Laplaine brings us on an interstellar mission at faster than light speed… The urgency of the situation is palpable… Instantly likeable and relatable characters in transition to a new home for humanity transcend their mission parameters… Each new turn leads further out to the edge of the Universe and deeper into the unravelling mystery of existence. Exciting and intelligent, this is a really fun read and much more… I felt as though this book was written especially for me – It fits my personality. It’s an imaginative, philosophical conversation touching on some of the most relevant issues of our times. There’s so much more I could say about the parallels Laplaine has layered into Earth Escape but I will not spoil it for you – Discover them on your own… Enjoy !  Daniel D. (Canada)

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EARTH ESCAPE – book reviews



By Deborah Fronko on October 9, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a What-if book that will keep its reader on edge. The book begins with an idyllic scene with the main character and his wife, which turns out to be a nightmare. The main character, Jim (think Captain James T Kirk in Star trek) has recently risen from his sleep pod on the starship Evolution. His colleagues still in deep sleep, his only companion is CASS (Think HAL from 2001 but as Alica Vikander’s character in Ex Machina). Through updates that CASS gives Jim, which he records in his captain’s log, we learn that the major powers steering Earth are nuking each other. Jim and his colleagues are on a mission to find a new world that could be colonized. But, what if the earthlings succeed in nuking each other and the crew of the Evolution are the last homo sapiens alive? What if there is something inherently evil in humankind that they will spread to the new world? What if there is a meaning to life that will be revealed by the end of this hot read?


By April B on October 15, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What an outstanding book. There are many areas of study which have advanced greatly in the modern age but rarely does anyone attempt to really connect the dots in substantive way. This book makes such an attempt and is a fascinating journey into how and why things were created. The questions of human creation, physics, evolution, quantum mechanics and psychology are all connected in twisting and turning read. Its time we actually think about what we are doing to this world we call Earth. What might our unique intelligence capabilities be in the larger complex systems in which we live?? This may give us a better viewpoint from where we can take our civilization.

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Réal Laplaine writes mostly in the high concept thriller genre, whether in crime or scifi.