QUANTUM ASSAULT – Sex traffickers in Canada get in the cross-hairs of Keeno McCole and his team


Quantum Assault - A Keeno Crime Thriller

In QUANTUM ASSAULT, the 2nd in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels, Keeno McCole and his team of Canadian crime fighters take on a sex trafficking ring which is injecting young girls with an experimental nano-virus, one designed to change their anatomy, and then selling them off to clients throughout Canada and the United States. When one fourteen year-old girl escapes their net, Keeno and his team declare war against the traffickers, and when the nano-virus breaks-out and threatens a global pandemic, the stakes become fatal as the chase takes them around the world. A crime thriller to the end.


INTRUSION – “This is a top of the line terrorist adventure story…”


INTRUSION – the first book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Series nets another top review as Keeno McCole, who heads up the ATU, Canada’s Anti-Terrorism-Unit, takes on a perverse plot to legalize the RFID implants in the population. Read it HERE.

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INTRUSION – A Keeno Crime Thriller “Calling this book a page-turner does not do it justice.”

Keeno Crime Thriller novels

Book review of INTRUSION – A Keeno Crime Thriller, by Linda Marie Marsh, Goodreads Top 1% Reviewer


“I’ve read other of LaPlaines books and have adored each one for different reasons. He has this way of taking on the persona of his characters, particularly the main one, and writing with the voice of his creation!
This is first of the Keeno series i read and sure do wish he was mine. yes. MINE. Or at least a good friend? ‘Living on borrowed time’ describes him well as he puts his life on the line for what he finds right and wrong, and uppermost- his friends. He is a member of the Canadian Mounted police and his specialty is anti-terrorism. The clock is always ticking for him and his partner Jake.
Calling this book a page-turner does not do it justice. The author takes what WE would all think is impossible and makes it not only possible….but probable.” LMM

INTRUSION – Four star reviews of this crime thriller


Four star reviews of INTRUSION – A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel


“A realistic and exciting story about the war on terrorism. Suspense at it’s best. Grateful for this goodreads win.”- Julia (Goodreads reader)

“I loved this Canadian James Bond-style story. A bit predictable but a fun read nonetheless.” – Shari (Goodreads reader)

“If you are a fan of action-packed thrillers, then I highly recommend this book for you. Keeno and his team at the RCMP are the front line of defense to all threats within Canada. But you are missing out if you’re not checking this amazing series out, right now.” – Kristine (The Writer’s Inkwell)

“Keeno reminded me of some of the larger than life heroes I like in books by Cussler, Frank Miller, Michael Connelly, and some manga and graphic novels. I thought it was interesting how the author took simple concepts like viruses and RFID chips and took them in totally different directions I wouldn’t have thought of. Put your feet up, use your imagination, relax and enjoy. I’ll be waiting for book #2.” – Laura (Goodreads reader)

Keeno Crime Thrillers – a unique crime thriller novel series

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What does Keeno McCole have in common with crime fighters such as James Bond, Dirk Pitt (Clive Cussler), Jack Reacher (Lee Child), Alex Cross (James Patterson) or the classics such as Dirty Harry, The Punisher, etc?

The answer – NOTHING!

Keeno McCole is different. He takes on only the big players in the criminal arena – tackling high-concept crime scenarios which are outside the box. Keeno is an indigenous Canadian Indian, from the First Nation of Canada, mixed with a touch of Irish and French lineage. He heads up the ATU (Anti-Terrorism-Unit) of the RCMP (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) – along with his small team. He refuses to wear a uniform, just cowboy boots, jeans and denim shirts. He’s lethal with most any weapon but his choice of combat is his four inch throwing knife which, by the age of seven, he could throw with deadly accuracy. McCole isn’t a womanizer, and he isn’t dysfunctional in his intimate life – he loves only one woman and she is his anchor in a world of violence and crime which he faces every day. Keeno bleeds, he takes his share of bullets and he constantly walks a fine line between life and death. His passion to fight the criminal element was ignited when he was just four years of age and a man attacked his mother, strangling the life out of her. Keeno picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed the man – and on that day he put his feet on the road and became the criminal’s worst nightmare.

Follow this new Canadian crime fighter, unlike any you have known, in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels.


The Keeno Crime Thriller Novels

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This is a new series of crime thriller novels based on a character named Keeno McCole – a man who does not bow to any other man.

I started this series before finding my penchant in the sci fi thriller genre, but nonetheless, the Keeno Crime Thrillers stand on their own and I will be continuing the series.

The character, Keeno McCole, is a Canadian who heads up the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) anti-terrorist unit, and with his unique team they take on the heavy players in the arena, and go up against cutting edge criminal scenarios. These books are not about serial killers or bank heists or the like, they are about large, global-based conspiracies involving technologically advanced mediums and weaponry. Although the stories are based in Canada, Keeno and his team are routinely forced to take the chase out into the world due to the global nature of the conspiracies.

What makes Keeno McCole different from other crime fighters? He’s unique. He’s part indigenous indian, part French, part Irish and a whole hell of alot of “fuck you“. Unlike other crime fighters, his personal love life is not dysfunctional – he has one woman whom he loves more than any, but as to his past, Keeno lived anything but a normal childhood.

As the reader discovers in the first book, at the age of four, Keeno is forced to face his worst nightmare, and from that day forward he sets himself on a path to become the criminal’s worst nightmare.

Intrusion Quantum Assault front cover (414x640)

The first two books in this series are published (Asteroid publishing) and the next in the series is scheduled for release in late 2016.

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Ok, technically a crime thriller has no business in the genre of sci-fi thrillers which is now my main gambit … but in defense of the Keeno Crime Thriller series, which I started before finally finding my niche in the sci-fi thriller world, this crime fighter series is right on the edge, depicting high-tech advancements and what some might call “sci-fi” but what I rather prefer to call “inevitability”.  Take it for what it is. It’s a good series and I plan to continue to pen the series along side my other books.

Intrusion         Quantum Assault front cover (414x640)