Réal Laplaine – Author of sci fi thrillers

Real #3 2015

There are an estimated 170 billion observable galaxies (and that is only what we can see) in the universe. Which means that for every one of the over seven billion people on Earth today, there are thousands of stars out there which each of us can call our own. So when you consider the possibilities and the magnitude of the potential for pioneering our way into new worlds, well, it staggers the imagination. Just as it was half a century ago when the Sci Fi greats, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, E.E. Doc Smith, and others, wrote about man exploring the stars – back when it was regarded as pure Sci Fi, even within their lifetimes, most of those authors saw their visions come true as men landed on the moon and space exploration moved further abroad. Predictably, it is safe to assume (based on recent history) that today’s Sci Fi visions will eventually become tomorrow’s reality.   www.booksbyreallaplaine.com


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