Earth Escape – The ultimate space journey and adventure to the edge of the Universe


When Captain Jim Tale of the interstellar spaceship, EVOLUTION, wakes up after 27 years in hyper-sleep-stasis, he is 1400 light years from Earth, and just weeks from arriving at his destination, an exoplanet which everyone hopes will become the next home for mankind. His only companion, besides the other 49 crew still in hyper-sleep, is CASS, an extraordinary Ai, a digital creation who is not only beautiful but who becomes his most trusted adviser and friend through the life and death adventures that Jim experiences and ultimately, in his search for answers to existentiality.


Jim Tale is a misfit, like a peg that doesn’t fit in any hole, and CASS not only helps him to navigate the obstacles they encounter, but also his own personal demons in this space odyssey – a story that invites the reader to step outside the box and to see another paradigm about existence, and possibly to question all extant theories about creation and who we really are.      See book trailer HERE

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Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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