TWILIGHT VISITOR entertains and awakens the rebel inside all of us

Twilight Visitor Front

TWILIGHT VISITOR, the global geopolitical thriller by author Réal Laplaine, has been described as a cult-classic, comparable to the best of Dan Brown and Jack Higgins.

The story surrounds a man experiencing his mid-life crisis, a bio-engineer who is vacationing in his home town, trying to bring balance back to his life, when he is suddenly faced by a strikingly beautiful woman. She informs him that on the other side of the world, China has just invaded Iran for its oil, and that matters will quickly escalate to a nuclear confrontation; and that he and his research team alone hold the answer to preventing the global debacle which will ensue. The man refuses any of this. When she finally reveals her true nature and her mission on Earth, his world spins deeper out of control, and meanwhile, as predicted, Iran fires a nuclear warhead at Beijing in a final and desperate effort to stave-off the crushing attack, and the world is steeped in horror at the ultimate fate facing them.

Twilight Visitor while being entertaining and fast paced, having also been compared to the pace of a Tom Clancy novel, also spotlights critical issues facing us today; the build-up of nuclear arms, the destruction and pollution of our oceans, and the general sense of fear permeating the world through propaganda machinery designed to split humanity into distinct camps. It is a revealing, contemporary book with a powerful message. had this to say about Twilight Visitor

“Laplaine’s plot is a unique web of political suspense intertwined with humanity’s big questions, such as where we came from, and are we alone in the universe. This well written thriller is also thought provoking as Laplaine shows remarkable research skills only surpassed by amazing writing skills. Readers will be on a rollercoaster from the beginning and will remain glued to the pages until the end of this amazing story, which promises a possibility of a sequel. The characters are impeccably developed, which I found genuine as the dialogue and reactions to circumstances were credible without feeling predictable. In all, there is no doubt Réal Laplaine showcased his writing skills in this book.”





Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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