TWILIGHT VISITOR … “an awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!”

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Twilight Visitor by Réal Laplaine begins with Mateus Cordozo, who is soul searching to try to figure out his life, while on his vacation at a beach in Afife, Portugal, his native country. On a windy day in early fall, while he is having some drinks on the beach, a beautiful woman approaches his table, and asks Cordozo if she can join him. Their conversation becomes deep and personal, and Cordozo confesses his disappointment with society in general, and shares his belief as a bioengineer, that the world’s crises are a result of political manipulations.

In the meantime, Iran has rejected China’s request to be their exclusive oil customer, which leads China to initiate an invasion of Iran. Political chaos is on the verge of explosion throughout China, Iran, North Korea, and the US. All the while Cordozo continues his conversation with the mysterious woman who calls herself Serena, over a drink in the beautiful coast of Afife. But who is Serena, and why is she interested in Cordozo? I am not going to give away the story, but will say that I could not put it down!

Laplaine’s plot is a unique web of political suspense intertwined with humanity’s big questions, such as where we came from, and are we alone in the universe. This well written thriller is also thought provoking as Laplaine shows remarkable research skills only surpassed by amazing writing skills. Readers will be on a rollercoaster from the beginning and will remain glued to the pages until the end of this amazing story, which promises a possibility of a sequel. The characters are impeccably developed, which I found genuine as the dialogue and reactions to circumstances were credible without feeling predictable. In all, there is no doubt Réal Laplaine showcased his writing skills in this book.

I definitely recommend Twilight Visitor by Réal Laplaine as a five star read to all audiences fond of international political thrillers. It has an awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!  (see review HERE)


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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