Summer eBook specials from author Réal Laplaine

Just because readers are special, I am offering this summer special with three of my eBooks for just $00.99 each. Go to and click and download the book directly to your iPad, iPhone, Android or desktop computer. It takes seconds.  Enjoy the read!

Dead But Not GoneFULL WEB FRONTA must read for Marilyn Monroe fans. You will fall in love with Marilyn all over again when she comes back to us in DEAD BUT NOT GONE.






WEB FINDING AGNETHA FRONTFor ABBA fans who have dreamed of the day when ABBA would walk on the stage again, FINDING AGNETHA is an inspiring read and a dream come true.






Buffalo Kid front coverThe oldest homeless man in his city, 71 year-old John Ross is walking the cold streets with an empty stomach when he meets a stranger who gives him some money. Fascinated by the act of kindness, Ross follows the man and soon finds himself engaged in a mission, a collaboration with an alien visitor to our world. A story with twists and turns and which inspires us to believe that any dream can come true. THE BUFFALO KID




Real Laplaine - 2015

Réal Laplaine authors high-concept thrillers in several genres – crime, scifi and geopolitical thrillers.




Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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