Answer these three questions and you can win a book


I am researching my newest book. I am looking for some sincere answers to the following questions. If you are interested, answer them and then click on the link below and enter your name and email address and you can win a copy of my book THE DECEPTION PEOPLE. Five entries will be selected and mailed the book.

Answer using the COMMENT section on this blog or send answers to:

QUESTION #1:    Who should control the use of nuclear weapons? That is, who has the absolute final say on whether a bomb should be dropped somewhere?

QUESTION #2:   Is there justification for keeping an arsenal of nuclear weapons, enough to wipe out most of the cities on Earth?  If yes, WHY?  If no, WHY?

QUESTION 3:   Do you really think that the existence of nuclear weapons in the hands of governments has made the world safer? If yes, WHY?  If no, WHY?

The Deception People

Click HERE and enter your name and email address in the Contact Form at that link and I will inform you if you are one of five people to win a paperback copy of my book THE DECEPTION PEOPLEa high concept paranormal thriller!

Thank you for your participation.

(PLEASE NOTE: Your answers will be kept private. They are merely part of a research project on this particular subject which is profiled in my upcoming book)




Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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