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We all love to escape into the wonderful world of books. A cozy nook, a hot coffee or glass of merlot – a quiet corner or a sunny deck. Away we go into the unlimited domain of the imagination.

Beyond the entertainment and pleasure which books give us, they are also educational and experiential – an open forum for us to be introduced to another world, the world of reality and one which we may not see in our daily lives but which certainly exists.

All great changes in our world, for the better, were brought about by one or more people introducing new thought – new ideas – which raised awareness and spread. Some call this the collective mind, the zeitgeist (the general trend of though in a society). In this wise, books play an essential role as they help to expose things to us which we can then, collectively speaking, do something about.

There have been experiments done to see if a group of people, through collective thought alone, could change conditions in the physical world. Some would refute the results, but there is no discounting the fact that when you get the collective minds of people, all focusing on a positive result, something happens. If that were not the case then positive thinking would serve no purpose in our lives, and that is not a truth.


The old adage goes that you get what you focus your attention and energies on in life. If you want to achieve positive things, and you focus on that, you get it more so than negative. If you only see a half empty glass and believe that is all you will get in life, then it seems that the world serves up only half empty glasses to you.


SEE ME NOT was inspired by a six year old girl in Calcutta India, who was found living in a ditch with her one year old brother in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami. My research showed that children, such as her, not only go on to live in poverty, but are often scooped up by human trafficking rings and turned into sex slaves, or drug pushers, and are prisoners to the corrupt and degenerate few. I decided that their plight needed to be focused on, a spotlight so to speak, so I wrote the story based on very factual material, a literary fiction, which tells the story of one girl caught in this web of sex traffickers and how one man eventually comes along and his battle to try and help her to escape.

It’s not a sad story – it is a thriller which opens our eyes to a very real situation which affects an estimated one to two million children and women around the globe EVERY year.

You see, we thought that we got rid of slavery over a century ago, and yet today, according to various creditable agencies, human trafficking is one of the most profitable businesses in our world today.

I didn’t write this book to make money. In fact, I have donated most of the earnings to a European-based anti-trafficking Non-Profit, to help fight this battle.  I wrote the book to help raise awareness on this subject, because if enough people know about it, then the collective mindset of the many can eventually beat the collective mindset of the criminals behind this industry.


More than ever in the history of mankind, with free and open mediums through the internet and global communication networks, we can be the heroes of our time. We can change more things, faster and effectively, than ever before. But to change something first requires that one KNOWS what it is that needs to be fixed.

So, I invite you to read SEE ME NOT and to pass it’s message around to your friends and family. These children and women need our support, because they ARE prisoners and unless we free them, nobody will.

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Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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