TWILIGHT VISITOR – book review

Book review – TWILIGHT VISITOR – by Reading Corner (Goodreads reader and reviewer)…

“Twilight Visitor was definitely not what I expected, the novel unravelled to become much more than just a story about a possible World War Three between Iran and China. The story centres around Mateus Cordozo, political figures and innocent civilians. The constant switch in perspective offers an interesting insight to everything that was going on from literally every perspective.

Twilight Visitor Front
The glimpse into the impact the coming disaster has on civilians was my favorite narrative, as I enjoyed the first person view into what was really going on. The background insight into numerous Presidents and Prime Ministers was another gripping narrative as you could sympathise with their struggle to decide what to do. However, I do think there could have been more scenes with Mateus and I think he should have been more involved with the action.
The writing was beautifully constructed with some great lines that were highly-crafted, easily painting an image in my head. I thoroughly enjoyed the prose and it was one of the best elements of the book in my opinion… (more)”

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Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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