THE DECEPTION PEOPLE – a paranormal thriller that changes the mental landscape…


Upwards of one in five people walking the streets today have had an out-of-body experience sometime in their lives. According to one study, it’s that common. Not everyone necessarily sees the OOBE as the same thing, but when described, the qualities experienced are quite parallel.

Near death experiences are quite common, where people go outside their bodies during physical trauma and surgery and find themselves looking down at themselves, some of them also seeing a bright light or tunnel which is interpreted as a gateway to some spiritual domain.

The point isn’t the narrative, the story, but the fact that OOBE does happen to people. It is probably far more common than we know because not everyone will speak up about it.


For years, the United States government utilized (and may still be doing so in secret) people who were capable of remote viewing – where individuals could extend themselves to places outside their body. This was considered potentially useful in gaining access to information otherwise not obtainable by US intelligence and military agencies. Apparently it was not considered a success, but then again if it was successful they certainly wouldn’t announce the fact to the world, would they?

Nonetheless, there is ample evidence proving that OOBE is a fact, not delusion. Too many people have experienced it. It cannot be discredited. This raises many questions, such as, if people can perform OOBE, not only by way of trauma or near death, but by other means, what does this portend? If the average man or woman or child can learn how to do it, what would this do in terms of changing our cultural mindset about our mortality, our future, how we perceive life and one another – and would this have a profound effect on a world where war and violence are commonly resorted to? Would bigotry and hate exist if people suddenly came to know, NOT believed, but actually knew, that they were not just corporal bodies which died and faded into dust?

In my book, THE DECEPTON PEOPLE, I take the concept of out-of-body and extend it to a geopolitical and paranormal thriller.

Deception People by Real Laplaine

The book is about a man who can leave his body at will and who, during one such outing, comes across a secret meeting where high-ranking officials of the US government and the private military corporate world are planning a major attack on America in order to drive their agenda for a massive surveillance net to be put over the nation and of course, more war machinery to “protect” America from its “enemies”.  When he tries to expose the plot, he is institutionalized as “crazy” and a ” conspiracy nut”. Only one person finally believes him and together they escape and try to stop the debacle and find themselves the subject of a massive manhunt.


The book raises questions about the connection between the human spirit (us) and the brain, and in particular, a unique gland called the pineal, which, according to some sources may provide the answer on how exactly the soul and the brain interact and make it possible for us to experience life on a human plane.

The Deception People



No spoilers – if you want a thrill ride and an eye-opening read, pick up the eBook or Paperback.




Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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