The Buffalo Kid – a story about an off-world encounter and second chances …


The man was out of luck and out money too. His pockets were empty. He lived in a cardboard box under a bridge. His friends and family had forgotten he even existed. He had been living on the streets of his city so long that no one recognized him any more, in fact, after thirty years of destitution, the police simply referred to the 71 year old as the Buffalo Kid – the ghost of the city and the streets he wandered.

One night, when the cold bitter wind cuts the air like the blade of a knife and the Buffalo Kid’s stomach aches for lack of food, he stops a man on the street and asks him for money. The man hands him a $50 bill and walks away.

In spite of his hunger pangs, The Kid turns around and follows the stranger – intent on finding out what kind of person would give a homeless man that much money. What he discovers, changes his life – and the episodes which follow as the Buffalo Kid and this off-world visitor collaborate in a mission to determine the fate of mankind, will not only thrill you but warm your heart too.

Buffalo Kid front cover


“What a story! I couldn’t put it down. It was everything I love in a story. Compelling characters that you could identify with. Significant social commentary. And a message of ultimate hope and faith in humanity. It had all the hall marks of great science fiction. Yet I wouldn’t call it science fiction. Sure there was an alien, a spaceship and a ray-gun — but they really were just a great story telling device. They could have easily been an angel, a burning bush and a bolt of lightening or even just a wealth philanthropist, a cadillac and baseball bat. The story was about real people in extraordinary circumstances.” T.R.


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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