THE DECEPTION PEOPLE – “A wonderful mystery/suspense novel…”


Five stars

Deception People by Real Laplaine

Reader reviews continue to come in about THE DECEPTION PEOPLE – a high-concept paranormal thriller about a man, who, during an out-of-body-experience, comes across a secret meeting between high-ranking US officials and private military contractors, planning another assault against America – one designed to force in an umbrella surviellance system which will bring America to the edge of a police state. When this man tries to expose the cabal, he is labelled insane and locked into a psychiatric ward. With only days until the attack is meant to happen, this one man has to find a way to escape and expose them. A thriller which will make you ask questions ….

The Deception People


“A wonderful mystery/suspense novel.I think this author has a good sense of how to keep us on our toes and knows how to make us not want to put a book down and enter our daily lives.I felt for Troy and the situation he was in.Do the right thing or do the thing that keeps you safe from others scrutiny-that is a hard thing to decide.We all have been there and he made the right choice even though it brought a world of trouble to his door.He got his just desserts in the end and that was good.” – Michelle …



Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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