DEAD BUT NOT GONE – The Marilyn story that will change how you see her


There are many books written about Marilyn Monroe’s life – naturally, she was iconic. But what about a story where Marilyn, by some twist in the cosmic time-stream, almost believable if you can see past the physical limitations we have been taught to think with, comes back to life fifty years after her death? And what if she discovers all manner of lies have been told about her life and the nature of her death? And what if she sets out on a course to expose the truth?


DEAD BUT NOT GONE is a paranormal thriller. With all her innate sex appeal and charm in tact, Marilyn is back – and maybe even with a little bit of a romantic twist.

“READER RADAR ALERT! Real Laplaine is THE most unique author i’ve ever read and thoroughly enjoyed…..a true wizard of words! In his subtle way he opens your mind and gives the reader an alternative way to see things.
In Dead But Not Gone there is a bit of science involved, but not enough to intrude on the storyline, but instead ,enough to help make the storyline a possiblility …
There is a solar flare that causes an energy surge. Some kind of parallel time shift happens and odd things are happening all over… a long dead pet re-appears, items from 25 years ago show up..and best of all? A world famous actress is again walking the streets, as confused and lost as the folks who reach out to help her. As her memories awaken and awareness dawns on her,Marilyn Monroe wants the world to know the REAL story, the REAL her. Angered and saddened by the rumors that became facts after her tragically short life, she sets out to write a book to set HER story straight! At the same time scientists are tripping over themselves to explain what happened in space…
SO. Does she get to live a ‘normal’ life with real love and friends or does the black hole of time take her back? Read the book and let yourself be fascinated.”


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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