Freedom … it’s your inviolable right.

The Law of Freedom

Freedom sometimes sounds like the banner call of some revolutionary group – and yet, that single word and what it conceptualizes, is quite possibly the most powerful word in the entire universe.

There are many laws in our world; the physical laws, societal laws, laws about how to interact with others, laws about right and wrong, laws about the workings and physiology of our bodies – but none of them are more senior to the the most embrace law of all, that we are free people, that our freedom is inviolable by anyone or any agency and that it remains the very bedrock of our existence.

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to be and to do and to have whatever we choose – that is the most fundamental law of all.

Naturally, within the framework of society, there are certain small compromises which we make in order to permit elbows to rub smoothly and which permit everyone equality, because one man’s freedom, if abused, can become another man’s slavery.

This forms the thematic thread of all my books – because I believe, in a time and society, where our freedoms are being encrouched upon by invasive surveillance, where an economic platform and banking institutions put us and our children into debt and economic slavery to these systems and call it “normal”, where governments stockpile weapons of mass destruction and then point fingers at one another in some sick game they call “politics”, where global fear is being leveraged as a means of keeping everyone’s noses slavishly fixed to their little part of the world and living in terror of other human beings – that the one thing which we must constantly protect and be vigilant of is our inalienable right to FREEDOM.

Observe the media around you. Listen to the words of leaders and authorities. If it sounds to you like they are trying to get you to compromise your innate freedom, for whatever reason, “security” or “a better life” – that would be the right moment to pick up the banner and charge the ramparts because that person or agency has another agenda – and it violates the fundamental law of your very existence in this world.

Real Laplaine - 2015

Réal Laplaine is the author of eight books. He writes high-concept thrillers in the geopolitical, crime and scifi genres.



Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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