Twilight Visitor: A high-concept geopolitical thriller when two nations put the world on the edge of suicide…

Dramatic apocalyptic background

Since 1945 when America dropped the first atomic warheads on Japan, signalling the beginning of the age of nuclear weapons and their threat to our world, the question which has been posed countless times is what happens if someone actually presses the red button and launches a nuclear assault against another nation?


There are over 20,000 nuclear warheads in the arsenals of a handful of nations today, which means that the power to make a decision about when and where to use those is in the hands of a relative few people. It’s certainly not a matter put to a democratic vote.

TWILIGHT VISITOR pulls back the curtain and reveals very real circumstances today, a WHAT IF scenario, where two nations, China and Iran, engage in a brutal conflict over oil. In a desperate moment, one of them presses the red button and launches a thermonuclear warhead which will kill over five million people in a matter of seconds.

The conflict catches the attention of an extraterrestrial group who promptly sends an ambassador, named Serena, to intervene and prevent Earth from self-suicide. The man she must convince to act and who can put a stop to it, refuses to do so and Serena is challenged to do something before the nuclear warhead strikes its target.

Portrait of mystic woman with extravagant makeup. Retouched

Twilight Visitor Front

“I started to read this book late one night thinking I could just find out what the plot was. I was late rising from bed the next morning because I could not put it down until my eyes just would not stay open any longer. Mr Laplaine is what I would call a descriptive writer, going far into character development yet creating a genuine picture of the individuals involved in this riveting novel. It is in some ways a very believable story with the plot based on factual occurrences going on today and some very logical reasons why this could occur although it does introduce an alien presence. I am purposely avoiding the plot because that truly is the story and one will clearly understand how this crisis could really take place upon reading it. For the price it is a bargain and I would not be at all surprised if a movie is produced. Read it and you will agree.” Joe





Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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