DEAD BUT NOT GONE – The Marilyn story you’ve never read becuz it hasn’t happened yet!

Marilyn 4

Marilyn died in August 1962 – and for over 50 years since her death she remains one of the most iconic Hollywood stars. Mystery surrounds her – was her sudden death the result of an overdose, as “authorities” declared, or was it murder? Was her alleged affair with the President, JFK, fact or just character assassination on the two figures, and if so, who went after them? Stories abound – but how much is fact and how much is fiction? DEAD BUT NOT GONE is a high-concept paranormal thriller with a good dose of romance and even some chuckles. When a cosmic phenomenon passes through Los Angeles one early morning, in fact, directly over Marilyn’s crypt, and while other strange things are happening around the city as a result, bizarre noises emit from her tomb as it begins to shake and finally the door falls to the ground and from it emerges Marilyn, just as beautiful and whole as the day she died. What ensues is a twisted tale as Marilyn discovers that she is alive again. As she learns about her new world she also finds out that the truth of her past life has been buried in lies, especially about the nature of her death, and as she attempts to expose the real story and the people behind it, the thrill ride begins all over again.


Five stars“I loved the premise of this book, I found the pace good, I liked the story. I think my only drawback would be for a bit more detail, but overall I really enjoyed the story and the possibility of “WHAT IF”. No one really knows what did happen, I liked how the author gave some plausible possibilities, that could be true of what happened to her.” Frances Liontakis

Available most anywhere, such as Amazon (of course!) and countless other on-line book shops. If your local library doesn’t carry the book then ask them to order it for you.

SEE ME NOT video


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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