The Buffalo Kid: What could possibly happen when a homeless man meets an extraterrestrial, right?


Buffalo Kid front cover

John Ross is a 71 year-old man, the oldest homeless person in all of Buffalo, New York. They call him The Buffalo Kid because he’s been on the streets since the day he crashed and burned over thirty years ago when he lost his family and his career. On a cold wintery night, with hunger pangs stabbing at him, John Ross happens on a stranger who gives him a $50 bill. Curious why the man gave him so much money, he follows him and soon discovers that the stranger is from another world and has come to study our world. The alien visitor decides to partner with The Buffalo Kid and includes him in his mission to test us to see if we are ready for the technology they have to offer our culture. The bond they form and the thrill ride which John Ross finds himself on, sends him along a road filled with surprises, corruption and crime – and in the end, the greatest surprise of all – proving that no dream is too great. A heartwarming thrill ride.



Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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