Is the Out-Of-Body-experience really just paranormal?


I’m a writer, not a paranormal expert, but like any other human being in this world I have often asked myself, aren’t we more than just so many kilos of meat and bone?  In my book THE DECEPTION PEOPLE, a high-concept thriller, the main character discovers at a young age that he can perform out-of-body at will, and later in his life, when he least expects it, one of his experiences puts him square in the middle of a hotel room where high-level US officials and private corporate people are planning the next major “terrorist attack” on America.


The man is now faced with a dilemma, either expose them or do nothing. Of course, when he reports the matter to Homeland Security he is promptly discredited, and moreover, those in power with something to hide, get him locked away in a psych ward as delusional and dangerous. That is where the story begins and it is a thrill ride from there.

The challenge to the reader is this – is it even possible? Do people have out-of-body experiences, or is remote viewing, as some like to call it, even feasible?

Like I said, I don’t claim to be an expert but on three different levels, in spite of what the scientific community might say otherwise, my research shows that there is validity here.

First, very roughly speaking, some 50% of the world’s population believes in spirituality, a more transcendent state than just the body itself. People, religious or not, in the main, believe that they are more than just the corporeal state which turns to dust after death.


Secondly, researchers have shown evidence of OBE (Out-Of-Body), even the US government has used remote viewers to their advantage, and of course, countless records exist of people experiencing OBE during near-death incidents, during operations or illness, or otherwise.

And lastly, I have experienced them myself, a number of times. I don’t stand on a platform and claim that I can tell you what’s on the other side of a wall, but I know to a level of certainty that there were times when I was outside my body and I saw things I could not otherwise have ever seen.

The Deception People


So there is the ground floor for this book, DECEPTION PEOPLE. It’s a high concept thriller with a touch of romance and a hell of lot of action – and it is an eye-opener on more levels than one.

Even the introductory chapter to the book will make you wonder.

But no spoilers.





Real Laplaine - 2015

Réal Laplaine writes largely in the genre of high-concept thrillers.




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