Book Review: Finding Agnetha- A dream to reunite ABBA sparks a global event


FINDING AGNETHA – A dream to reunite ABBA sparks a global event is not a thriller – it is an inspiring fiction about the iconic pop band, ABBA, and one boy’s quest to get them back together again.

Here is what Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, author of the A Spy’s Daughter, had to say about the book:

“The story is fictional, but the feelings described in it will ring true to many people. While reading it I experienced many revealing moments, which helped me see my prejudices and misunderstandings and also helped me be less hard on myself than before reading the book. The author showed a lot of empathy to the characters, to the reader, and with it to himself as well. I recommend to read this book without comparing its story to anything you heard or read before, either on similar issues or about ABBA. The epiphanies come when we most need them and least expect them. It is fiction, a fairy tale. And fairy tales are their to entertain and to inspire. And this book can 100% do this…. MORE


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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