TWILIGHT VISITOR the scifi thriller – Author interview


Real #3 2015

Interview with author Réal Laplaine about his book TWILIGHT VISITOR, a sci fi thriller that is gaining popularity.

Twilight Visitor Front

What prompted you to write TWILIGHT VISITOR?
Twilight Visitor was prompted by several dynamics. I wanted to tell a story about a dysfunctional man, in the maelstrom of his mid-life crisis, who is suddenly faced with a decision which could save the world from a nuclear war. I wanted to include an alien intervention factor showing that off-worlders are not out to destroy us and I wanted to make the novel compellingly contemporary, so real in fact that the reader feels that this very scenario could happen. And lastly, I wanted to deliver a message that it is time for humanity to stop fighting and start focusing on the real issue of fixing its floating platform before it is too late.

The book description says that the main protagonist is Portuguese – why did you pick a man from Portugal for this role?
I felt it was time to turn the spotlight away from the usual hero figures, normally depicted as either American or British or such. It was time for a small country, and an underdog of a man, to be forced into the spotlight and to discover that he too could do something to save our world from itself and that it wasn’t just the elected officials and people in power who could or would do so.

The story suggests that it is a political thriller with two nations going to war over oil and the nuclear threat coming into play – why is the book tagged SciFi if this is the case?
Actually, 99% of the book is completely based on contemporary issues facing the world today, and the scenario depicted is very real. But there is a beautiful woman who shows up in the story and she is there to help prevent the imminent nuclear confrontation for reasons the reader will discover. She plays a key role. Because she is an off-worlder, and for that reason only, the scifi card comes into play.

Could Twilight Visitor be rendered as a film someday?
Absolutely. The narrative and the plotline were specifically written so that it could easily be adapted into a screen play. In fact, that was how I viewed the story as I wrote it – visually seeing it playing out in my head as it might look on the big screen. This story is very adaptable to film because of the action, the rhythm, the interplay between nations and of course the spice – the alien intervention. It should appeal to people who love thrillers, geopolitical intrigue, dystopian lovers and scifi fans.

Who or what inspired you to become an author?
Richard Bach, author of the famous book Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. He later wrote a book called The Bridge Across Forever, a story about his life and when I put that book down, I picked up a pen and wrote my first story. Other writers have also played a significant role, Heinlein, Clarke, Tolkien, L’Amour, Asimov … but Richard Bach was the one who started the fire.

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Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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