The Keeno Crime Thriller Novels – putting the “Fu.. You!” back into crime fighting

Keeno photo

Every country has its crime fighters. America has a plethora of CSI crime fighters. Britain has Bond. Sweden has Hamilton – the list goes on.

And now, Canada has Keeno McCole,

McCole doesn’t take on small fry like serial killers, robbers or even wanna-be terrorists. He and his hand-picked team take on the big players, those who plot against the nation and even the world, technology ventures which can disrupt the balance of life on our planet and threaten our freedom – the real crazies hiding behind suits and ties, like greedy international banking cartels, corporate conglomerates who devastate the planet at the expense of human life and more; and in every case, from deadly virus attacks to high-tech sex trafficking spreading a potent nanovirus, Keeno McCole and his team are forced to race across the globe, always on the clock, in search of their perps before it is too late.

dirty-harry-300x230 john-mcclane-die-hardKenno McCole restores the “fuck you” attitude of Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Hairy series, and even Bruce Willis in the John McClane “Die Hard” series.

McCole is not a smooth womanizer – but mess with a woman and you are bound to lose a few teeth in the process.

This new Canadian crime fighter is on a mission and if you’re a criminal who crosses path with Keeno McCole, get ready for an early grave because McCole doesn’t give second chances.

Intrusion    Quantum Assault front cover (414x640)


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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