What would you do if an out-of-body experience revealed a terrible secret?


Most, or all of us, have wondered the same questions, such as what happens to us after death, are we incorporeal or just a body – destined to live only once? Religion aside, because this is not a religious expose, assume for a moment that the hundreds of thousands of accounts on record across the world, where people have experienced out-of-body experiences, are even vaguely true. Science has not offered its stamp of approval on the subject because apparently no one has found a way to measure a spirit or a non-corporeal essence ( that is, us) – and so it is difficult to measure something which transcends the physical world and yet, which seems to animate it and give it life. Now we bring in religion – in that so many billions of people in our world believe, by whatever means, that they are spiritual and are destined for another life in the afterworld, or destined to return to this one.

Ok, with that preamble, let me introduce a new series, The Out-Step Trilogy. A story about a very normal man who discovers that he can perform out-of-body at will, and who can move around to anywhere and with perceptic clarity.

The Deception People

Now, transport that man into this scenario, when, one day, quite by accident, he happens upon a secret meeting of high-ranking (although not highly moraled) US government officials and private sector military contractors, who are planning to launch a major attack against America, all of it with the intention of fueling the war against terrorism.  Sound familiar? Yeah, well, whether you are a conspiracist or not, the fact remains that the first book in this new series, THE DECEPTION PEOPLE, will take you on a thrill ride as Troy Evans is suddenly cast into a world of intrigue and deception, and where he must fight to save his own life while trying to expose the plot which would not only result in the death of countless thousands, making 9/11 look like a sunday stroll in the park, but spark a new wave of global war to combat “terrorism”.

“HUGE thumbs up! (Five Stars)
The Deception People is a well written novel that is nerve-wrackingly real, and suspenseful. Let yourself be enlightened with possibilities..make that probabilities. If nothing else give yourself the opportunity to enjoy yet another awesome novel from this author.”  Linda M.E. (USA)


Author: Réal Laplaine

I write high-concept thrillers that push the edge ...

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